Company Overview

Virtual Mobile Technologies is a mobile development house focused on the secure mobile enterprise solutions space. The company was established in 2005 with the aim of addressing the limitations of legacy mobile technologies and the complexities of the fragmented mobile device environment.

It was clear that additional mobile device platforms would continuously be developed and released and that a mobile enterprise solution would have to incorporate the flexibility to adapt to new mobile platforms without continuous additional development to existing mobile enterprise applications.

As enterprise solutions were adopted for mobile transactions, the mobile security incorporated in solutions would be tested and scrutinized. The breach of security on a mobile application carried a massive reputation risk for companies making this a critical aspect. VMT incorporated market leading end-to-end mobile security to address this critical issue. We are currently one of the few mobile companies with NIST validated mobile security.

Our RAMP secure mobile enterprise application platform allows our clients to create, deploy and manage mobile solutions, aimed at extending their products and services to the largest possible mobile device base in emerging and developed economies ensuring that your mobile enterprise solution runs on feature phones and smart phones. We believe that there are countless business advantages created by a well-developed enterprise mobile strategy and that no company will continue to be competitive without a clear mobile presence.