Create rich, user focused mobile enterprise applications

CSS based styling:

RAMP offers a rich presentation layer content development framework that allows for the development of user-focused mobile interfaces. The platform assures interface uniformity across all mobile devices, offering an extensive, rich experience from low-end mobile devices through to smart phones

Mobile User Interface:

The flow of the mobile application is an extension of the navigation process that users are accustomed to on their mobile phones. Users do not have to acquire any additional skills to navigate solutions. This ensures a low learning curve that increases product adoption.

Corporate branding:

The solution offers a rich mobile user interface that ensures maximum functionality and access to products and services. The client's corporate branding is carried across the entire mobile application, ensuring the user knows the identity of the solution provider, while leveraging the company’s brand.


Information tickers, in boxes, notice items, etc can be incorporated into applications, offering a variety of tools to communicate with users. 

Mobile Advertising:

Splash screens and banner adds can be incorporated into solutions enabling mobile advertising.