Secure mobile enterprise application deployment

RAMP can be distributed to users in several ways. Each option allows the mobile application to reach a mass market with very little cost when compared to traditional distribution channels.

SMS request

Users can request the mobile application via SMS short code.

Should the user enter the short code message an SMS will be returned with a URL link that can be clicked on to retrieve the application.

SMS push

A URL for downloading the mobile application can be sent to an existing database via SMS.

This allows companies to distribute a new application to all their users in a very short period of time at very little cost.

Send to a friend

Users can send the application to friends by selecting the option form the mobile solution menu. A user can enter a friends mobile number and push the mobile application to the new user.

Social groups can distribute applications among themselves creating a viral campaign.

URL download

A traditional short URL can be published. Users can access the application via their mobile device browser by entering the URL.

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