Mobile Financial Applications for Postilion / Base24

RAMP mobile enterprise application platformFinancial mobile application built on the RAMP Mobile development platform allows for a seamless, secure mobile integration to financial enterprise products like Postilion, Base24, etc.

Financial services companies can quickly and securely integrate and extend their existing products and services to mobile devices while adhering to industry standard like ISO-8583. Services like mobile banking, mobile money transfer, mobile retail credit management and mobile purchasing can be extended to both feature phones (standard entry level devices) and smart phones, incorporating end-to-end mobile security using industry standard security algorithms like 3-DES, AES etc.

Mobile applications can be developed with unique device identification, tying a unique mobile device to a unique user, adding an additional layer of security for critical mobile financial transactions. This to a large degree negates security threats like phishing and the need for one time pins (OTP)

RAMP provides a consistent mobile user experience across all devices and mobile platforms, enabling a rich mobile user experience for all user no matter what device they are using, from feature phone Nokias' to smart phones like Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

For a complete, secure mobile solution trust RAMP.