RAMP - Mobile Device and Mobile Platform Compatibility

Mobile device and mobile platform compatibility 

RAMP enables mobile applications to run on the largest possible range of mobile devices. The minimum requirement is that the device supports Java and has access to a data connection. 

Devices from 2002 onwards are compatible and include both smart phones and feature phones. RAMP enables secure access to enterprise services from mobile devices in both first world and emerging markets

Feature phones are all the low-end mobile phones from manufactures like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Siemens, etc. Smart phones are more complicated and are almost like a personal computer compacted in a mobile device. These include devices like Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

Mobile Devices Mobile OS
Desktop OS
Nokia Midp 1.0 onwards  Desktop HTML 5
Sony Ericsson Symbian  
Blackberry Blackberry OS  
Motorola Windows Mobile  
Samsung Android  
HTC iPhone OS  
LG Windows Phone 7
 Machine-to-Machine (M2M)