RAMP Mobile Enterprise Application Platform Overview

Ramp is a secure mobile enterprise application platform aimed at managing the complete enterprise environment required to create, deploy and manage secure native mobile applications.

The majority of mobile devices from as low as Midp 1.0 through to Google Android is supported and in conjunction with NIST validated security the platform is the logical choice for transactional applications aimed at feature and smart phones in both developing and first world economies.

The platform significantly reduces the skill-set and team size required to produce and maintain enterprise ready mobile applications. The single development effort runs on all supported mobile devices and stays relevant on devices released in the future without any additional development required on the original application.

Mobile applications
built on RAMP can be deployed on a global scale. Scalability is a core aspect of the architecture and language packs are supported. Mass deployment is supported via URL download, SMS request or push.

Change management
is supported via over the air (OTA) updates. Applications are updated without the user having to re-download and updates are automatically initiated on login if a change was made on the server.

The mobile application security components are validated by NIST. The implementation is end-to-end ensuring that information transmitted from the mobile device to the enterprise services is secure.