Advantages of RAMP

One development team for all mobile platforms

RAMP significantly reduces the skill set and team size required for secure mobile application development. Development time is reduced to a few months with the required skill-set and team size reduced from several teams with specialist skills to a couple of developers or web designers.

Updates or maintenance of the mobile application is limited to one development area, instead of several platform specific development areas.

Original application stays relevant on future mobile devices

Devices from Midp 1.0 onwards are supported on RAMP. A single development effort runs on all supported devices and platforms without the development team having to be concerned with specific device and platform issues. RAMP manages the mobile device fragmentation and addresses all issues.
As new mobile devices and platforms are released the RAMP platform will be updated to accommodate the devices.

NIST validated mobile security

All security algorithms supported on the RAMP platform is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) validated.

Transaction reliability

The RAMP mobile enterprise application platform allows for a stateful client. This enables the platform to ensure transaction reliability in an unstable network environment. Should connectivity be lost during a transaction the RAMP platform will be able to inform the user whether the transaction was completed or not.

RAMP application size

RAMP applications have a very small and fixed initial download size. This ensures compatibility on a very large mobile device base in both emerging and developed economies.

Change Management

Changes made to mobile applications on the RAMP platform will automatically reflect when users login to their applications. On login RAMP checks if any updates or changes have been made, if it detects a change the new version is automatically downloaded without the client having to re-download the application.
The required changes only have to be made in one location on the RAMP platform for it to reflect on all mobile devices and platforms.