RAMP - Secure Mobile Enterprise Application Solutions

RAMP Secure Mobile Enterprise Solutions

The RAMP platform allows secure cross-platform mobile enterprise applications to be created in a fraction of the time and cost when compared to traditional mobile development approaches. The resulting application instantly runs on hundreds of devices without the developer needing to be concerned with the intricacies of each mobile platform. The massive reduction in time to market and development costs is a source of competitive advantage over companies following the dedicated team approach. 

The RAMP secure mobile enterprise solution can be deployed as a standalone application or as an embedded application within another mobile application. The embedded application approach in itself represents a major opportunity. RAMP is able to embed mobile applications (such as commerce portals, Myspace-like user pages, etc.) within mobile applications that can be remotely updated and managed.
The RAMP platform consists of a server that compiles the UXML, CSS and scripts generated by the developer via the Eclipse plug-in and a set of RAMP virtual machines (VMs) for each mobile platform. The server compiles the UXML, CSS and scripts into a network efficient format and the RAMP VMs pull down this compiled format and adapts the application to each mobile platform. This means that the developer only needs to write a single application that is then able to run on all the supported mobile platforms.

Currently the RAMP platform has RAMP VMs for iOS, Windows Phone 7, Java Midp 2.0, Blackberry, Android and HTML 5.