RAMP Mobile Enterprise Application Platform Technology Overview

In order to create a successful secure cross-platform mobile enterprise application there are many hurdles to overcome:

The RAMP mobile enterprise application platform manages the above complexities along with the entire life cycle of enterprise mobile applications. It enables developers to:

Update applications via the RAMP SDK:

The application can be updated by developers via the RAMP mobile development environment.

The mobile application updates itself when it detects that the developer has made changes via the enterprise RAMP server.


Stay relevant as mobile technology and devices change:

A mobile solution built using the RAMP mobile enterprise application platform is seamlessly kept relevant as new mobile devices and platforms are released into the market. This significantly reduces the size of development teams and the cost of maintaining solutions.

Easily integrate with existing enterprise services:

The RAMP mobile enterprise application platform provides a light weight ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) to integrate with any existing enterprise service or back-end infrastructure

Secure mobile application communication to remote infrastructure:

VMT has developed standards based security algorithms (RSA,TDES,AES etc.) that has been validated by the U.S. government. These algorithms allow the platform to securely communicate end-to-end from the mobile device to the enterprise infrastructure.  

Rapidly deploy to various platforms:

The RAMP platform provides a deployment server that recognizes requesting devices and serves up the correct interpreter for the specific device.

Scale as demand increase:

The RAMP platform is designed for enterprise use and can scale to accommodate any number of users.