RAMP Secure Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)

The RAMP mobile enterprise application platform is RAMP secure mobile enterprise applicatioin platform for building application like for gaming, erp, crm, banking, trading, ect.designed to rapidly develop secure mobile enterprise applications. RAMP extends existing enterprise products and services to most mobile devices and platforms providing a great user experience, enabling a standardized solution for all user no matter what device they are using, from feature phone Nokias' to smart phones like Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

As a mobile enterprise application platform, RAMP effectively manages the complete mobile application life cycle required for successfully launching mobile applications, providing a central mobile development environment, enterprise integration standards, industry leading security and encryption, mass device compatibility, multiple deployment options and on-device solution management.

The platform provides FIPS validated security, enabling secure end-to-end mobile access for all mobile devices.

Development time and solution management is greatly reduced, one development effort is required for all the supported mobile platforms. Enabling your enterprise to focus on providing your core products and services instead of focusing on mobile device solution management.

Provide your clients with instant and reliable access to your products and services by using RAMP's secure mobile enterprise application platform.